B2F is a specialized market in the management of financial services and renting solutions, which meets the technical and organizational integration between the distribution and the services industry (financial and non-financial) aimed at supporting the traditional sale.

The B2F Web platform facilitates an easy exchange of information between the funding companies and sales networks such as:

  • Dealers

  • Vendors

  • Agent Networks

    Agent Networks
  • E-Commerce Sites

    E-Commerce Sites

    There are several reasons that make the B2F a distinctive platform. Not only the ease of use, as users are guided by optimized operating processes, the result of many years of experience in the financial sector. But it is also a configurable market place, according to the specific needs of the various participants, reaching even to create some real dedicated areas where specific rules are applied to automate user’s activities through custom networks. These custom configurations are performed directly by the specialist staff of B2F, thus freeing users from all technical activities while ensuring maximum efficiency.
    Ultimately the accessibility to the platform through any device (PC, tablet, smartphone), and auto-configuration of the functions and processes available to users depending on their profile, grants effectiveness in the completion of renting, leasing or loans contracts.

    B2F Spa - Via Morozzo della Rocca 6, 20123 Milano - P.Iva IT04743650964
    Rea: MI 1768592  - Capitale Sociale: € 100.000 i.v.