Game changer solutions in the fintech arena

B2F was founded nearly 20 years ago with the mission of enabling a technological bridge between the worlds of asset sales and financial services.

From managing multichannel, to integrating with e-commerce ecosystems, to evolving to alternative payment methods, B2F's goal has always been to respond swiftly to every technological challenge with game changer solutions.

Today B2F is a dynamic Digital Solution Provider with vertical specialization in finance: we offer digital sales platforms on a pay-per-use basis, solving all technical and configuration issues necessary for the quickest and most reliable deployment.

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A team with international experience

A team with international experience

B2F's management team has gained multidisciplinary experience over more than 20 years in the finance sector targeting business processes, designing new digital platforms also in multi-country contexts.

The development team, is composed of highly skilled professionals in financial services management and in the implementation of web and e-commerce platforms, ensuring many years of direct experience in the two worlds that B2F connects with its digital solutions.

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