The use of the B2F software platform enables clear commercial benefits, both direct and indirect.

The first include the higher sales potential induced by the use of highly automated and flexible business processes,
especially in the field of distribution networks articulated on several levels.
Some ad hoc functions (such as the "earn more") are also particularly effective in facilitating the proposition of rental and financial services (if applicable) through the portal. But equally important are the indirect benefits that the B2F platform is able to transfer and in particular the high technological content which also impact on the image of the service.

But it should not be ignored even the important benefit in terms of customer loyalty, resulting from the possibility of making the user feel "at home", being able to customize the platform both in the look and feel (with logos, colors and brand distribution channels involved) as well as for the data used reflecting the "core business" (same assets categories, applying also a catalog by brand / model).
All these benefits are further emphasized if access to B2F platform is integrated directly within the operator's Web site.

An additional commercial advantage is the one concerning the reporting available within the platform concerning expiring contracts. This information enables to achieve the "repeat business" towards customers, aimed at offering new assets to replace the previous one.

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