The B2F platform enables sales networks to focus on its core business, freeing himself from technical problems related to software management. This because B2F offers a "cloud mode turnkey service," which requires a simple Internet connection and therefore does not need any dedicated hardware or specific software installation.

The operating comfort of the B2F platform also lies in its "responsive interface" which allows the user to access the service from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), because the layout of the Web pages automatically adapts to the size of the screen available at that time.

Additional operational benefits derived from the dematerialization approach that distinguishes the B2F platform. In this regard are of particular impact the integrated electronic document management (EDM) and the possibility to use the electronic signature for signing the contracts. These features guarantee a significant reduction in the circulation of the paper and a higher speed in the finalization of the proposals submitted.

Even the reporting feature included in the platform involves immediate operational benefits, as each user can consult online all information pertaining to the contracts and customers and download in Excel format the selection results.

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