The B2F platform summarizes the experience gained over decades by specialized operators in the field of financial services via Web distribution and rental. The platform presents to the user’s specific default features and processes which are particularly effective with the possibility also to configure new or different behaviors depending on specific needs.

The flexible configurability of the B2F platform allows to adapt the organizational flows based on each specific specific business logics. Custom processes are automatically applied on the basis of the product / channel / customer / etc., and the required document workflows (lists of documents to be produced and acquired, according to the given commercial contexts and status of proposal).

The platform optionally allows the automatic application of predefined rules in the various phases of the proposals. These rules differ depending on the following parameters:

  • Operating rules: ability to differentiate access to different functions depending on the user / customer profiles
  • Commercial Rules: ability to configure the financial services offered, as well as pricing conditions to be applied depending on the specific business context (product / financial partner / asset categories / distribution channel)
  • Distributive Rules: ability to configure the articulation of the sales network and the type of services that can be distributed within it.

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