Agent Networks

B2F is able to provide a wide-ranging service to agency networks operating in the field of financial services (leasing and loans) and / or rental (operating lease), providing a multi-product, multi- funder and multi-channel Web platform.

The configurability of the service includes the ability to record the different operating and business rules that distinguish the agent network, including in particular:

  • The conditions agreed with Financial Partner (pricing, documentation required, mandatory / optional services, ...)
  • The applicability rules for the various financial services (types of customers, asset categories to be financed, range of amounts to be financed, ...)
  • The enabled distribution channels (sub-agents, Area Managers, retailers, vendors, ...)
  • The conditions of breakdown and distribution of margins (fixed and variable) among the different levels of the network

Via the B2F platform, the network of agencies can grant functional access to different class of users that compose the organization, differentiating operational autonomy based on the profiling of each user, and could therefore monitor online all the generated business.

In general terms, the management of processes is designed to make easily accessible all on-line quoting for the various financial services available in favor of peripheral users, and on the other to optimize the channeling of proposals verifying beforehand the compatibility between conditions and related agreements.
The availability of a specialized and customized service in full outsourcing of the B2F software platform allows the agency networks to use Web technology to further develop the loyalty relationships with affiliated channels, freeing himself from all the configuration issues and the technical supervision of hardware / software infrastructure (and without any particular initial investment).
Also the B2F platform allows the network of agencies to tighten unique and loyal business relationships towards the Vendor agreements, proposing to them the provision of special virtual "Business Unit" (for details, see section dedicated to that Production Company - Vendor).

The proposed solution is to configure a custom access to the B2F platform dedicated exclusively to the individual vendor, in order to allow to acquire the proposals within a section of the portal, which is to all effects perceived as it belongs to "the Vendor" (configured with its logos, its corporate colors, its product categories, ...) even more so if integrated and accessible directly from the corporate web site.

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