The dealer, through the B2F platform has the ability to easily offer complementary services to the traditional sales approach (such as the renting or operating lease), making the offer more attractive for the customers (due to tax reasons, cost deferral, etc.), however, benefiting from the immediate payment of the supply. All this without sustaining any kind of burden.

Dealers can access the platform after receiving their own private access code.
Log in to the platform allows the user to access all the different features for the settlement of proposals for rental or any other financial services:

  • Creation and printing of customer quotations
  • Confirmation / forwarding of the proposals accepted
  • Quick receipt of credit granting
  • Obtaining the contract documentation to be submitted to the customer for signature
  • Confirmation of the finalization of the contract and receipt of the payment (upon receipt of the invoice and the contract documents)

During the quotation process the dealer is facilitated by some ad-hoc functions, which allow for example to sell the customer a value of the rent delegating to the platform the proportional adjustment of the value of the assets supplied (earn more function). In addition, the platform notifies the user at each processing status of the proposal and in case of any need for assistance dealers can access the help desk of B2F directly from the portal.

The B2F system also provides the dealer with an online visibility of all transactions, allowing aggregations and / or filters for all the relevant parameters (status of the proposals and related processing/status time, customer, etc.). The reporting can be sorted by due date to facilitate all commercial actions that the dealer has to do toward customers for renewal/remarketing of assets with a new supply ("repeat business").

All reporting can also be downloaded directly from the dealer in Excel format.

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