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The technical architecture of the B2F solution services allows easy integration with the most popular Marketplace platforms.

In this context, the issue of performance is particularly important, especially if a large number of articles, belonging to one or more product catalogs, are the object of financial or rental services. For this reason it is necessary to establish methods of integration, both on-line and batch, so that the process of defining the costs of the assets chosen by the client is particularly performing.

The workflow phases can be differentiated according to the specific characteristics of the commercial transaction, with particular reference to the type of customer (private person / company) and the selected shopping cart. This is analyzed on several levels, starting from the total value of the assets up to the type of catalog, the asset category and the brand of each article. According to these characteristics, the platform makes available the compatible financial services, allowing the customer to choose the most appropriate solution, enabling to customize the conditions such as the duration of the contract or the frequency of payments.

Once the bank account details have been provided, the finalization of the proposal is optimized through the electronic signature of the contract upon an aoutomated credit scoring process (based on the standards of the Financial Partner involved).
Following the online signing of the contract, the Marketplace can proceed with the confirmation of orders against the suppliers of the assets. The confirmation of the delivery of the goods finally allows the Marketplace to immediately collect the amount of the supply by the financial company involved.

For its part, the customer benefits from a fast and secure process for the signing of financial services or rental contracts, also facilitated by the possibility of interacting both via PC or smartphone. In this case, the use of the service is made even more effective by the possibility of sharing a "push" messaging with the financial company, not only in the commercial phase but also for the optimization of the post-sales processes.

B2F provides constant technological support, not only during the implementation phase of the project to integrate its platform with the Marketplace, but also later when the service is in production, guaranteeing its business continuity also with the help of specific help desk procedures.

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